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Naturalization Procedure

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It’s a Process

Naturalization is the process where someone who has been a lawful permanent resident of the United States for 5 years (or 3 years if married to a U.S. Citizen who has also been a U.S. Citizen for at least 3 years and have been living together as spouses for 3 years) applies to become a U.S. Citizen.


For most people, the application is straight forward and simple. If the applicant passes the English, U.S. civics and history exam, the applicant will be scheduled for an oath ceremony where U.S. Citizenship is conveyed.


For those who have had arrests or have been living outside the U.S. for the majority of the past 5 (or 3 years) a consultation with a qualified Immigration Attorney is recommended.


A denial of an application for naturalization could result in the commencement of deportation proceedings, especially if it is discovered that residence was mistakenly granted or for committing certain criminal offenses.


A child born outside the U.S. may acquire U.S. Citizenship where one or both parents are U.S. Citizens. A child under 18 may also derive citizenship from a U.S. born or naturalized parent if the child is residing with the parent and is a lawful permanent resident. Of course, the law is not always clear and the facts of each case must be considered.

Can’t You Just Fill Out The Forms?

Of course you can! However, there are lots of things that you can but shouldn’t do. Preparing your immigration case involves much more than completing the proper forms and handing them in to the appropriate Federal agencies. In these times, your very liberty could be at stake.


It is important that experienced immigration attorneys review the specific facts of your case, determine the appropriate legal remedies, determine potential pitfalls or liabilities associated with the application, and guide your case through the appropriate federal agencies.


What’s more, under the Trump administration, things are getting even more complicated. The rules are changing rapidly – by the day. This is not the time to go it alone. There’s too much at stake.

Why Hire An Attorney?

Immigration law is complex – and getting more so. Much of an immigration attorney’s work is associated with anticipating legal issues, solving legal and pragmatic problems, avoiding delay, and resolving legal complications.


Moreover, strategy is important. When you hire an immigration lawyer, you benefit from the years of experience, legal training, continuing education, and personal and professional relationships of that attorney with the government officers.


Chances are good that the people, plans, and future opportunities that are depending on the outcome of your immigration case deserve good legal representation. Limiting yourself to odds of success of “one in three” is not acceptable.

Why Becker & Associates, P.A.?

Becker & Associates, P. A. is a full service immigration law firm — Immigration is what we do. Which means you are choosing a law firm that is specialized to address all of your immigration needs.


What’s more, we will not take your case — or your money — if we genuinely do not believe that we can help you. Our dedicated attorneys are diligent and ethical and known for getting the kind of results that others have not.


The attorneys at Becker & Associates, P.A. are recognized by the most prestigious legal organizations in America. However, the kind of recognition we seek daily is that given to us by satisfied clients, whom we have treated fairly and ethically and for whom we have achieved outstanding results. Excellence is our standard — success is our tradition.


Do not entrust your immigration issues to lesser counsel. Contact us today to see if we can make a difference. Your initial consultation  is free.

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