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Becker & Associates, P.A. facilitate immigrants from all over the world with effective legal representation.


At Becker & Associates, P.A. we represent immigrants from all over the world so they can legally work and reside in the United States and pursue the dream of U.S. citizenship. Unfortunately, many immigrants encounter obstacles in their pursuits because they lack proper legal representation.


At Becker & Associates, P.A. we offer complimentary consultations and expert counsel to immigrants seeking visas, work authorization, green cards, permanent residency and naturalization. The firm also represents employers from small mom-and-pop companies to large multinational corporations in obtaining work visas for foreign nationals followed by permanent residency and citizenship.


Our firm is working hard in supporting immigration reform law that would increase visa availability, allowing more foreign workers to join the U.S. workforce as well as legalizing the status of the more than 12 million foreign nationals who are unable to pursue post-secondary education, obtain work authorization, driver licenses and lawful permanent residence.

Until such time there are immediate steps that may be taken for those seeking lawful status, permanent residency and ultimately citizenship. The majority of today’s immigrants and the population as a whole remain unaware that many options and forms of relief are widely available under the present Immigration Laws. It is critical that foreign nationals not only learn about their options, but that they also have access to licensed attorneys with extensive experience in all facets of Immigration Law.



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The attorneys at Becker & Associates, P.A. are recognized by the most prestigious legal organizations in America. However, the kind of recognition we seek daily is that given to us by satisfied clients, whom we have treated fairly and ethically and for whom we have achieved outstanding results. Excellence is our standard — success is our tradition. — Brian Becker, Founding Attorney, Becker & Associates, P.A.

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Got Green Card and Naturalization with Becker & Associates. Wonderful job.

Claudio Fernandes

We have our Green Cards! I can't say enough good things about Brian Becker and his team. They explain the process well, reply to your emails immediately and answer your questions professionally and politely. My husband and I have used Brian Becker's services for 6 years to get our first 5 year visa's and then apply for Green Cards. He is kind, considerate and courteous, is always available to help and has amazing team that follow suit. His fees are very fair for the top class service that is given. I would recommend Brian Becker to anyone. Thank you Brian, for everything you have done for us.

Janine Hamilton

For us, 1 November was a new beginning; we have the green card thanks to Brian and all the team. We find in this office great professional people willing to help us with everything we need to achieve the goal that we have. Thank you Becker & Associates; thank you Brian and Ioana.

Valentina Ovidiu Neagu

I have been working with Mr. Becker little over 13 years. Mr. Becker is hands down one of the most trustworthy and genuine individuals you will ever meet. Rest assured that you are in good hands and he is going to do everything in his power to take the best care of your case, along with expediting the process as quickly as possible. I have worked with Mr. Becker several times. It’s rare that an attorney possesses such great attributes in the sense that he is easy to talk to and when he says he is going to get something done, he does it!!! It is with great confidence that I recommend his services to anyone who is need of a lawyer. We would like to thanks Mr. Becker and his great team members Murat Goksen and Sindia Melendez. Great Job. Keep up the good work.

Gökalp Yüksel

Is a great team!!! Very effective 👌🏻 highly recommended.

Saris Baena | Mom-married-Model-tv host-blogger-influencer

Outstanding immigration firm! Attorney Brian Becker was able to get me out of an immigration situation that no other lawyer could have accomplished. If I am today a permanent resident, it is thanks to Attorney Becker and his team. Thank you!

Evelyne Mathieu Pacheco

I fully endorse Brian! I have known and worked with Brian Becker for many years. He works extremely hard for his clients and makes sure their rights are protected. I fully endorse Brian.

Ivan Zigler, Esq. | Personal Injury Attorney

Brian is great - one of the best.! Can't sing his praises enough! He and Marvin have been helping our family for like 7 years. In fact, Brian is the reason I decided to go to law school.

Gonzalo Izquierdo | Law Student - UF Levin College of Law

Brian is a top-notch attorney. Highly respected in the legal community.

Christian K. Lassen II | Personal Injury Attorney


67% of applications filed without an attorney are DENIED. With over 50 years of collective experience in immigration law, we can tip the scales in your favor.

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We will not take your money if we genuinely believe from the outset that your case is not viable. We serve your interests first. We’re the real deal.

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We leave nothing to chance. We review the specific facts of your case and determine appropriate legal remedies to avoid potential pitfalls and delays.

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