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Supreme Court allows Trump to enforce ‘public charge’ immigration rule


A narrowly divided Supreme Court on Monday allowed the Trump administration to begin enforcing a rule making it harder for poor immigrants to gain green cards.

The justices in a 5-4 vote along ideological lines said they would let the controversial immigration rules go forward even as lower courts wrestle with multiple legal challenges against them.

The policy in question would expand the government’s ability to refuse green cards or visas for legal immigrants determined to be a “public charge,” or dependent on public assistance. Those using or likely to use Medicaid, food stamps and other safety net programs would face greater scrutiny from immigration officials.

The rules were pushed by White House senior adviser Stephen Miller and represent one of Trump’s strongest efforts to restrict legal immigration.

Multiple federal judges blocked the rules before they were slated to take effect last October, after states and immigrant rights groups filed challenges. Federal judges in California, Maryland, and New York California blocked implementation, but appeals courts later lifted all but New York’s freeze. That was removed by the Supreme Court on Monday, allowing the policy to take effect almost everywhere. . .


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